The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

22 days of the Russia-Turkish truce, and more violations documented

The Russian-Turkish truce finished the 22nd day with violations. Areas of the western Aleppo were exposed to bombardment by regime forces, areas of Benan al-Hes, Quneitra, Kfarkar and other areas of the southern countryside were also exposed to bombardment by regime forces, helicopters dropped paper notes on al-Rashdin and Jamia al-Zahraa calling rebels to drop their weapons. Aerial bombardment targeted Sela village in al-Hes mount in southern Aleppo. Regime forces bombarded Ein al-Feja and Barada valley amid aerial bombardment on the area and continued clashes between regime forces and rebels. A number of civilians were wounded by shells fired by regime forces targeted Madaya and Beqen. Clashes also took place in al-Qasmia area in al-Merej in the eastern Ghouta amid advances for the regime in the area. Regime snipers targeted rebels in Sahm road leading to the injury of 2 rebels. Regime forces bombarded Ein Terma and Kafar Batna. Regime forces bombarded Abdon, Satehiat, and al-Dallak in Hama countryside, and other areas of Talbisa and Saan al-Aswad in Homs countryside. 1 soldier was killed in the eastern Ghouta. Regime forces bombarded areas of Jobar neighborhood. Rebels targeted al-Fouaa town. Regime forces bombarded al-Bowayda in northern Hama, Rebels targeted soldiers in Soran town what leading to casualties in regime forces.

Regime forces bombarded areas of Daraa al-Balad, Abasia and Tariq al-Sad in Daraa city, and other areas of Busr al-Harir and Yadoda in addition to opening heavy machine gun fire on areas between Kafar Nasej and al-Mal in Daraa countryside what killed 4 rebels. 16 shells fired by rebels targeted regime controlled areas of Daraa leading to injuries amid continued clashes between regime forces and rebels around al-Menshia neighborhood in Daraa city.