The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Syria Democratic Forces and US Special Forces are making a significant advancement towards the Euphrates Dam and near it, and seek to secure their way towards it

The Swidiyyeh Kabira village and the northern banks of the Euphrates River in the northern countryside of al-Tabaqa west of Al-Raqqah are witnessing continuous violent clashes between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by US Special Forces and warplanes of the international coalition against the “Islamic State” organization, the Syrian Observatory for human rights was informed that the violent clashes are still taking place, during of which the Syria Democratic Forces managed to achieve a new advancement within the village and control over large parts of it, while the clashes continue in an attempt by these forces to expel the organization of it and hold their control in the entire village, which is considered of a strategic importance due to its proximity from the strategic Dam of Euphrates, of which groups of the Syria Democratic Forces have advancement towards it, in a move to sweep the road to the Euphrates dam, where control over the Swidiyyeh will give insurance to the forces advancing towards the Euphrates Dam.

Also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed that the violent clashes coincided with explosions that rocked the area, caused by shelling and exchange of targeting between both parties, amid the flight of the warplanes of the international coalition in the sky the clash areas, and targeting locations and positions of the “Islamic State” organization.