The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

285 killed during military operations in Der-Ezzor

Der-Ezzor province: Regime forces backed by local militiamen were able to stop the IS attack in the Panorama area in southern Der-Ezzor, the clashes accompanied by aerial bombardment leading to the death of 14 IS, regime forces were able to pull from battlefield the corpse of 1 IS, while no less than 8 IS were also killed by the same clashes. 9 IS killed by aerial bombardment targeted al-Tharda mount around the military airport.

What rose the number of the dead since the 14th of January to 285, they are as following
54 civilians  including 14 children and 11 women, they are 17 civilians ( 6 children and 4 women ) killed by aerial bombardment on al-Ommal neighborhood, 5 including 2 children and 2 women killed by aerial bombardment on Der-Ezzor city, 7 civilians including a woman with her child in addition to 2 women killed by aerial bombardment on Mohasan and al-Bolel, in addition to 25 civilians including 5 children killed by IS bombardment targeted regime forces in Der-Ezor while others were wounded in addition to material damages in civilians properties. Also rose to 80 the number of soldiers and officers in regime forces who were killed against IS which lost 151 militants including Syrian and Non-Syrian militants, dozens of injuries recorded on both sides.