The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al- Omari Brigades fighters assassinated the activists “Qaisar al- Habib.






Reliable resources reported to SOHR that fighters shot the media activist Qaiser Habib when he was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in the neighborhood of Tariq al- Sad in Daraa al- Mahatta in the city of Daraa leading to kill him immediately, where al- Omari Brigades issued a statement “After blatant collusion and inaction of Gharaz court because they delayed to trial the criminal “Qaisar Habib”, thus, we as al- Omari Brigades decided to dot the “i” s and cross the “t” s by punishing the mentioned criminal and to contain the strife which if it starts it will burn all around.”


Al Omari Brigades in Daraa have issued a statement in late September regarding the assassination of Captain Qais al Qataana “the General Command of al- Omari Brigades”.


“Three weeks after the assassination of Captain Qais al Qataana, although everyone understands that our country has experienced catastrophic circumstances and favored the voice of reason on rage that fester inside us when we have accepted Allah’s ruling and mandated our affairs to Allah then to the judiciary in the Sharia Court but we have not noticed any attention to the subject and forgot who is Qais al Qataan according to the Syrian revolution in general and to al Omari Brigades in specific”.


“Since the Sharia Court has ignored our case, we have decided to establish a special court to judge the assassin of Martyr “Abo Islam Qais al Qataana”. We promise that the trial is going to be fair because we have already known that Allah is Mighty, the Lord of retribution. Accordingly, al Omari Brigades is going to prosecute the wanted “Mahmoud al Hashish known by Qaisar Habib” and then, questioning him with witnesses. We will set up ambushes and besiege the areas where he may exist in. thus, we advise the civilians to get away from the places of checkpoints and ambushes for their own safety”, the statement added.




Al Yarmuk Brigade issued a statement in late August that the media activist Qaisar Habib is under the protection of al Baridi Family. The brigade declared that it does not has any relation about the matter of his protection.


The media activist Qaisar Habib informed in a videotape testimony to SOHR that he was going to the western countryside of Daraa and when he stopped in Jenin town the captain Qais al Qata’ne passed and stopped his car next to Qaisar, then the captain get off with some of his followers and talk with the activist about some criticism from Qaisar Habib to the captain due to failure of a military operation in the countryside of Daraa. The criticism developed to wrangle leading to give on order by the captain to put Qaisar Habib in the car box. While the followers were trying to execute the order Qaisar Habib hasten them by firing Qais al Qata’ne and his followers leading to the death of al Qata’ne while the activist were injured by 2 bullets. While close resources to the captains reported that the activist started firing on the captain after a wrangle between them.