The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish Forces carry out a massacre against a family of 11 people and raise the number of casualties of their shelling since their last offensive to about 125 more than half of them are children and women

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented today a massacre that took the lives of a family of 11 men and a woman and a child, they were killed by raids by Turkish warplanes and the shells of their forces that fell on the city, with an attempt by their soldiers and the factions backed by them to achieve an advancement deep in the city, which is witnessing destruction in large parts of the homes of its residents.
The victims of the massacre were 2 men and their 2 wives, another man and his wife and 2 of his children, 2 children, in addition to a woman who at the same time her husband was killed in mines explosion at the outskirts of the city, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented since the start of the Turkish offensive on the 7th of February 2016, the death of 124 persons, including 38 children under the age of eighteen and 27 citizen women, they were killed by shelling by the Turkish forces and raids carried out by Turkish warplanes on al-Bab city, this rise in the number of casualties since the start of attempts to control  al-Bab city, which is still mostly controlled by the organization, have raised the number of persons who were killed to 444 civilians at least, including 96 children under the age of eighteen and 59 citizen woman over the age of eighteen in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, they were civilians who were killed by the Turkish bombardment on al-Bab city and its countryside and on the towns of Bzaah and Tedef since the 13th of November 2016, the date of the arrival of “Euphrates Shield” to the outskirts of al-Bab city until today the 20th of February 2017, and within the casualties there are 353 civilians including 87 children under the age of eighteen and 55 citizen woman, they were killed in shelling by the Turkish forces and Turkish warplanes on areas in al-Bab city and other areas in the towns of Tedef and Bzaah and other places in the countryside of al-Bab, since the first defeat for the Turkish forces in the 21st of December 2016 at the hands of the “Islamic State” organization, also the air and artillery strikes have injured hundreds of civilians including hundreds of children and women.