Continued clashes Daraa countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continued clashes Daraa countryside

Hama province: Regime forces bombarded areas of alJabira and Janabira in the northern countryside of Hama, amid aerial bombardment on Tal Hawash and Othman in Hama countryside, aerial bombardment targeted al-Toba in the northern countryside, no reports of losses.

Daraa province: Clashes took place between al-Islam army backed by rebel and Islamic factions against Jund al-Aqsa IS allied faction in the western countryside of Daraa after an attack by rebels on the area, as there able to push the IS allied faction into al-Mezeria and Het area, the clashes led to the death of 9 militants from Khalib Bin al-Walid faction and 18 rebels including 3 unknown.

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