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Bashar al-Assad arrests the brother of the sea falcons commander and pulls back 900 militiamen from their side


the participation of guerrilla militias sea and desert Falcons led by businessmen and Mohamed Ayman Jaber could not end the tension between these militias and the leadership of Bashar Al-Assad regime, which led to the withdrawal of hundreds of Syrian troops from its ranks following the worsening tension between the two parties on background sources confirmed the Syrian Observatory for human rights by Ibrahim Jaber-brother Captain Commando, sea and desert falcons, Lattakia, Syria, a lengthy exchange leading procession in the Syrian regime, and did not know whether Bashar Assad or his brother, guiding Curses and insults to a Colonel, was in charge of convoy escort and secure, reliable sources for the Observatory, Ibrahim Jaber who was travelling in luxury cars with him, his resentment and anger of the procession passed close to the route of Jaber, Ibrahim Jaber but face ‘ ordered ‘ to other procession to stop and make way for the motorcade, cursing and swearing to the Colonel in charge of convoy escorts.

This abuse of the procession stepped up tension and created a system command has seethed with resentment. Bashar Al-Assad which took place between the guerrilla leader brother procession and hawks, where he received the Syrian Observatory for human rights information from reliable sources, which confirmed that the Syrian regime and direct orders from Bashar Al-Assad had to pull more than 900 member of the security forces and were soldiers performing compulsory military service, and performing their service within the ranks of the commando sea, while the system forces retained the elements within the ranks of the volunteer militia, sources confirmed to the Observatory. It’s about being driven to resolve sea commando although these militias with Russia was training and desert hawks supported by Russian troops, and had a big role in destroying battles and Rafe Latakia and Aleppo.

The operation of pulling 900 militiamen came after the arresting Ibrahim al-Jaber and his companion, and his car was seized .

The militia, led by the Syrian business man the fortified Russia Mohamed Jaber and his brother Ayman Jaber, aroused the wrath of the sons of Aleppo and left dissatisfaction between people, seethed with resentment. terms of the militia elements took advantage of the strong participation in the battles of Aleppo, begin a series of robberies and looting of homes and businesses and property of citizens, taking advantage of the military more power, the Syrian Observatory for human rights bulletin in successive periods earlier than last year 2016, during battles that system forces regained control of the areas that were controlled by rebels in the City of Aleppo, with the exception of some sites on the outskirts of the city and areas controlled by Kurdish forces and the democratic forces of Syria.