Turkish forces and airstrikes kill more than 350 and wound hundreds others • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish forces and airstrikes kill more than 350 and wound hundreds others

the second monthly anniversary of the first Turkish defeats itself, Tuesday 21 February. Rebooting disappointed attackers were of Turkish troops and  the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘, alternating background in place, with slow advances that suited reflective with the size of the preparations for the battle, and the sheer buildup of the Turkish side, which destroyed warplanes and shells and rockets defender and its rocket launcher and its tanks, large parts of the City section, the biggest stronghold of IS.

The first defeat for the Turkish forces and received two months ago from now, organize ‘ Islamic State ‘ which repel attack of guerrillas and soldiers ‘ armour Euphrates ‘, and managed to restore the forces applied at Mount Hermon Akil and a nearby hospital, the failure of this battle that lasted for hours, casualties, and killed dozens of Turkish soldiers and fighters and several others injured of varying degrees of severity, and then begin to escalate the Turkish aircraft bombed the city, revenge for its killed fighters, what rose the number of casualties and destruction.

With increasing the killing citizens of the Syrian people, the civilian toll of martyrs in the city and its outskirts, located northeast of Aleppo countryside to reach 353 civilian including 87 children under the age of 18 and 55 women, Syrian Observatory for human rights documented their martyrdom in shelling by Turkish forces and the Turkish warplanes on areas in the City and other areas in the towns of Tadif and Bazaa and elsewhere since the first defeat door countryside of Turkish troops on 21 December profits 2016, by organizing the ‘ Islamic State ‘ until the 21st day of February, 444 civilians, including 96 children under the age of 18, and 59 women over the age of 18, in rural northeast of Aleppo, martyred Turkish bombardment on the city gate and its countryside and towns of Bazaa and Tadif, since 13 November of last year 2016, the date of arrival of the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ to the outskirts of the City, as artillery and air strikes left hundreds of wounded civilians, including dozens Have been injured and maimed.   Violent battles between the two sides ‘ State regulation.

Violent battles between the parties to the fighting-al ‘ Islamic State ‘ and the Turkish forces and the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘-left dozens dead and wounded from both sides, where scores of fighters were killed and the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ components, including about 50 Turkish soldiers, the Turkish authorities admitted their death adding to the dozens of dead in the ranks of the Islamic State organized fighters ‘.