The brigadier- general "Mahmud Abo Arraj" has escaped from the regime army • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The brigadier- general “Mahmud Abo Arraj” has escaped from the regime army

محمود أبو عراج



SOHR had been informed that the brigadier-general “Mahmud Abo Arraj” the commander of the Brigade 121 affiliated to the Seventh Division in the regime army, and who is responsible for the strategic hill of al- Harrah which is considered the highest hill in Daraa province, where al- Nusra Front and other rebel and Islamic factions took control over it in September 5. It is worthy mention that the brigadier- general has absconded after he had received information that he will be on trial and executed on charge of high treason due to handing over al- Harrah Hill that led to kill some of soldiers. Information reported that he escaped from his home in Damascus to the Syrian- Jordanian border 9 days ago. A photocopy of his military identity had been publishes on the day of his disappearance. It is said that he was killed in Rif Dimashq but his body has not been found yet.