33 killed in 15 days of siege in al-Waer neighborhood • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

33 killed in 15 days of siege in al-Waer neighborhood

Homs province: The regime forces bombed after midnight Wednesday-Thursday alghanto town regions in the countryside of Homs, without casualties, while someone cited the shelling by the security forces in the rugged neighborhood besieged Homs City last night, with the number of martyrs in the neighborhood during the past 15 days of escalation to 33 martyrs including 10 children under the age of 18 and three women, died in the neighbourhood, they are 3 men and boys killed in the bombing and shooting, two men and two children were killed Due to air raids on neighborhood, A woman and child martyred in shelling of military rugged neighborhood regime aircraft, six young men and a child were killed in the shelling by the regime forces, and 18 including six children and two women were killed in raids by warplanes on areas in the Waer neighborhood, as behind the bombing destruction of the property of citizens, in addition to injuring dozens.



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