The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

1.5 millions suffering the lack of water since over 40 days

Continued, the thirst in Aleppo, with continuous water outage on hundreds of thousands of city dwellers, this continued thirst for the 40th consecutive day, pushed tens of thousands of citizens to search for alternative resources, through purchase or transfer of water from wells dug in the streets and specific places in the city, and other means of swimming pools and wells pious citizens of thirst, while dealers and sellers of water are rising the prices of  drinking water.


Continuous water outage of about one and a half million inhabitants, for the 40th consecutive day came against a background of IS planning ‘ pieces of water from the Euphrates River, where the water of the great Goblin station management cut to filter water and processed in Eastern rural Aleppo, which created resentment among the citizens in the city of Aleppo, after government officials in the city gave execuses for cutting the water regulation, attributed it to the power station and other nutritious water treatment plants in the rural East of Aleppo, civilians charged the regime invoked powers For these reasons, not to arouse public opinion and create new resentment among the citizens in the city, after public discontent in the city of Aleppo, and still in operations ‘ al-Taafish’ streak by militants loyal to the regime,of houses and shops in the city and its outskirts.


Water outage process, which had paralleled the great Goblin station about Aleppo, with a military operation launched by security forces in the East and Northeast, it actually happened to Aleppo, 17th of January 2017, during which the regime was able to achieve progress in dozens of villages and farms at the expense of organizing the ‘ Islamic State ‘, and reached the southern town of Tadif at the south of al-Bab city northeast of Aleppo, about 5 km north of Der Hafir, in parallel with the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ process and the Turkish troops toward the city gate and its control Today the city and the towns of Bazaa and Qabasin.