Turkey ends the Federal in Syria after 6 months of entering the Syrian lands and leaving 3700 casualties between civilians • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey ends the Federal in Syria after 6 months of entering the Syrian lands and leaving 3700 casualties between civilians

Six months have elapsed from the Turkish shelling, which accompanied with operation named ‘ the Euphrates ‘ shield, starting on the 24th of August 2016, with control of the border city of Jarablis at the Western sides of the Euphrates River, continuing until the 24th of February, with the first day of the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ advanced in city gates and the towns of Bazaa and Qabasin, after less than 24 hours of pulling back from the city by the IS.

Turkish forces that lead the operation with rebels in the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘, extending their control to about 2400 km from rural northeast of Aleppo, and managed to reach the main objective of the operation, ending the dream of forming a federal in Syria ‘ by cutting the area that SDF was planning to take to connect Kobane-Jazera-Afrin, Turkish forces moved  after a Russian green light in the wake of the displacement of over 27 thousand civilians And a fighters of Aleppo.

The regime forces were able to take control on entire city except for areas in the Western outskirts of the city and its suburbs, West and areas controlled by SDF in Shekh Maqsod and its surroundings, and moved towards the city of al-Bab, in parallel to the Turkish military operations that reached the outskirts of Tadif town after taking control of the village of Abu taltal to deviate then forces backed by Russian artillery battalions and Hezbollah elites, towards alBab and Tabaqa, moving towards Der Hafid, the Turkish forces and rebels started to the on the 7th of February  2017 the attack on the city of al-Bab, as it took control on the area 24 hours ago, with control over Bazaa and Qabasin after the withdrawal of IS to the rural southeast of al-Bab using the roads that left by the mentioned parties for the IS to leave the area.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for human rights that Turkish troops had spread in the majority of areas under the control of the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ forces in rural northeast of Aleppo, in most areas, the sources said that the Turkish pursuit being about reaching consensus with America about the involvement of supporters of Turkey in the city of Menbej, in order to not collide with the US led coalition, also to prevent Menbej military council from taking control on the city in Northern rural Aleppo East, where it witnessed earlier violent clashes between Turkish forces and Menbej military council.

Sources also taking about military operation against SDF in rural North of Aleppo, where would the military Council of Tal Refaat, process with local militants from Northern rural Aleppo, attacks aimed to help rebels re-gain control in the area, that was taken over by SDF, sources confirmed that Turkey take advantage of having a SDF in Northern and North-Western rural Aleppo without supply lines to arrive with the rest of the control Kobane and Jazeera, pushing the rebels to start a real battle with SDF in order to expand their control and reduced the areas of SDF.

Six months ago, brought death for Syrian people and increased their misery with rising numbers of civilian martyrs and wounded, children and youths, men and citizens and the elderly, by Turkish artillery and airstrikes, with more devastating spaces, houses and shelters until it left them to stave off the evil of homelessness and displacement.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights documented the numbers  of civilians martyred by Turkish shelling, artillery and aircraft, on several stages included in the overall total of civilian martyrs, 497 civilians including 122 children under the age of 18 and 79 citizen over the age of 18, shelling by Turkish troops and airstrikes on alBab city, since Turkish troops entered and the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ forces into Syria on 24th August 2016 ,the number contains at least 444 Including 96 children under the age of 18, and 59 women over the age of 18, killed by bombardment targeted al-Bab, Bazaa and Tadif, since the 13th of November 2016, the date of arrival of the Euphrates ‘ shield ‘ to the edge of the city.

The number includes  353 martyrs ( 87 civilians including a child under the age of 18 ,and 55 women ) Syrian Observatory for human rights documented their martyrdom in shelling by Turkish forces and the Turkish warplanes on areas in the City of al-Bab and other areas in the towns of Tadif and Bazaa, since the first defeat of Turkish troops on 21st of December 2016.

The number of the dead included 124 civilians including 38 children and 27 women killed since the last attack in the 7th of February by the Turkish bombardment and airstrikes on the city.

These airstrikes and artillery bombardment and shelling wounded and seriously wounded more than 3250 civilians, in addition to massive material damages in the city buildings, which used to be inhabited by dozens of thousands of civilians, who have been left to live in IS controlled areas under Turkish bombardment.

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