The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces advance over IS in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: Regime forces bombarded areas of Hreitan town in the northern countryside amid continued clashes in western Aleppo around al-Rashdin and the 4th station between regime forces and rebels amid bombardment by regime forces on the area leading to casualties. Clashes also continued between SDF and rebels amid mutual bombardment from both sides in the northern countryside. lashes took place between YPG and Turkish forces around Ghar mount near Afrin after an attack by the Turkish forces on the area, no reports of losses.

The clashes continue between IS and regime forces backed by Non-Syrian militants around Der Hafir, in an attempt by the second party to advance towards al-Khafsa town west of al-Furat river, which contains water pumping station to Aleppo city, the clashes are taking place 21km from al-Khafsa as the IS pulled back from al-Bab city and Bazaa, and Qabasin, the regime advanced in 11 village and 2 hills in the past 24 hours.