The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shelling on areas in Homs city, and the clashes continue around Aleppo

Homs province: several shells fell on al-Nozha and Ekrima neighborhood which are inhabited by Alawite, what killed 1 civilians and wounded no less than 9 . shells fired by regime forces fell on areas in al-Wa’er neighborhood. regime forces also bombarded areas in Talbisa and al-Hawla, no reports of losses.
Areas in Rahoum, Omq al-Hawa and Om Sahrij east of Homs, were exposed to regime’s bombardment, reports of casualties.
An Islamic fighter killed by clashes against regime forces around Talbisa city.
Aleppo province: Violent clashes took place yesterday night between al Nusra Front, Ansra al Din Front, the rebel and Islamic battalions against the regime forces supported NDF, al Quds al Filastini Brigade, Hezbollah and Shia fighters from Iran and Afghanistan in Salah al-Den and al-Adnania village south of Aleppo . regime forces bombarded areas in Hanano and al-Ard al-Hamra , shells fired by regime forces fell on al-Ameria neighborhood , warplanes opened heavy machine gun fire on Bashkwi and Hreitan, Hayan town was also exposed to bombardment by regime forces, no reports of casualties.