The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 800 people killed since the beginning of clashes in Kobani






More than 800 people died during the 40 days of clashes in in Ayn al- Arab city (Kobani).


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights could document the death of 815 people since the beginning of IS attack on Ayn al- Arab area in September 16 until October 25.


SOHR could document the death of 21 Kurdish civilians, including 15 men and 2 boys executed by IS fighters in the countryside of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani); 4 of them were beheaded, and 4 civilians died due to the violent bombardment by IS on areas in the city of Ayn al- Arab, where IS fighters have started bombardment on the city in September 27.


Among the total of casualties, there are 481 militants from Islamic State who died due to ambushes, bombardment, targeting vehicles, attacking an IS pool by a female commander from YPG and clashes with YPG fighters in the countryside of the city of Ayn al- Arab. 16 out of the 481 militants blew up themselves in booby-trapped vehicles in the city of Kobani and its countryside.


In addition to, 302 fighters from YPG died in clashes with IS militants in the countryside, outskirts and neighborhoods of the city of Kobani, including a female commander from the Protecting Women Units affiliated to YPG who attacked an IS pool at the eastern outskirts of Kobani; she clashes with IS militants, threw some grenades, then blew up herself. Some of those fighters were beheaded, including female fighters.


10 fighters from the rebel battalions that support YPG died in clashes with IS militants in the countryside of Ayn al- Arab city.


A volunteer with YPG also died while he was transporting ammunition by his car.


We, in SOHR, believed that the real number of casualties on both parties is double of that number because there is absolute secrecy on casualties and due to the difficulty of access to many areas and villages that have witnessed violent clashes and bombardment by the two sides.