The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

massive bombardment targets Qalamon and Blodan

Reef Dimashq province: Explosions are still being heard in Qalamon in the northern western countryside, caused by bombardment by regime forces on Zabdani mount and Blodan, SOHR was informed that 10 explosive barrels and 2 airstrikes targeted the areas in preparations for military operations by regime forces in order to take control on Jora Didan, the Zero point area, Besan river, and the lands that leads to Arsal the Lebanese city.

A man was killed by aerial bombardment targeted Arbin city amid bombardment by regime forces on the area. Aerial bombardment also targeted Duma leading to material damages and wounded 5. Clashes continue between regime forces and Fajr al-Omma west of Damascus-Homs highway amid mutual bombardment from both sides, in an attempt by regime forces to advance in the area.