The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

25 airstrikes kill and wound 80 civilians in al-Miadin city in Der-Ezzor

DerEzzor province: Massive explosions rocked the city of al-Miadin, caused by aerial bombardment by 2 Russian warplanes targeted al-Miadin city, 12 bombs have been dropped targeting al-Husain school, and other houses around the over and Abduljabar school, leading to the death of 7 including a man with his wife and 3 of their children, while 30 others were wounded, other 40 people were wounded by other group of bombs rocked the city, the number of the dead is likely to rise according to the serious injuries.

Aerial bombardment also targeted the Panorama turning and the graves area leading to material damages, SOHR was informed that the IS executed a man from Tal Berak by shooting him in the charge of dealing with YPG, the sources said that the one who shot him is his relative and he is a child member in IS.