The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

7 killed during the first 48 hours of the Russian truce in the eastern Ghouta

Reef Dimashq province: Aerial bombardment targeted Harasta leading to injuries. 10 explosive barrels targeted Magr alMer in the western countryside of Damascus leading to material damages in the area, no reports of losses. Rockets fired by rebels targeted Dahya al-Aassad, which is taken over by regime forces, no reports of losses.

Regime forces bombarded Hamoria town what killed 4 civilians including 2 women one of them is pregnant, the number of the dead is likely to rise according to the injuries. That rose the number of the dead during the Russian truce in the past 48 hours to 7, as  Harasta is not included in the truce and witnessing massive bombardment and violent clashes between regime forces and rebels,

The massive bombardment comes after 48 hours of Russian truce in eastern Ghouta which witnessed dozens of airstrikes and massive artillery bombardment after the failure of Russia to make civilians use the crossing of eastern Ghouta to move into regime controlled areas using al-Wafdin camp near Duma, in a connection between the eastern Ghouta and regime controlled areas in the Ghouta and Damascus, allowing civilians to cross from the towns of the eastern Ghouta.