The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al- Nusra Front seized 7 towns and villages in Idlib, new execution by IS in Aleppo and casualties in Homs and Damascus




Aleppo Province: The fighters of Shohadaa Bader Brigade under the command of Khaled Hayyani launched some mortar shells on the regime- held neighborhood of the New Seryan leading to kill a child at least while others were wounded.


4 shells launched by the Islamic battalions landed on areas in the neighborhood of Jam’eyyat al- Zahraa.


Violent clashes are taking place between the regime forces supported by NDF against YPG, the rebel and Islamic battalions in the neighborhood of al- Ashrafeyyi coincided with shelling by the regime forces on the battalions- held areas in the neighborhood.



IS executed a man from the city of al- Bab on charge of “insulting God”, initial information reported execution of 2 other men from towns in the northern eastern countryside on the same charge.


Unknown gunmen tried to assassinate a commander in al- Nusra Front by detonation an IED near him in the western countryside leading to injure him.


Idlib Province: Calm prevails the town of al- Barah after clashes erupted today and yesterday between al- Nusra Front and Jund al- Aqsa Organization from one side and the Syria Revolutionaries Front in the town, where al- Nusra Front could seize the villages and towns of Balyon, Kensafrah, Eblin, Abdita, Mshoun, Mgharah and Shnan. The clashes also resulted in death of some fighters from both sides.


2 women, a man and a child from the same family as well as a child from the city of Khan Sheikhon were killed due to dropping to barrel bombs on the town of al- Hbet.


Damascus Province: 2 ground- to- ground missiles launched by the regime forces landed on areas in the neighborhood of Jobar.


A man from al- Yarmuk Camp died under torture inside the regime’s jails. 3 civilians died due to explosion of an IED in the neighborhood of al- Orobah in al- Yarmuk Camp.


Homs Province: A child died while 2 other children were wounded due to the regime’s bombardment on al- Holi area today.


The regime forces shelled areas in the neighborhood of al- Wa’er, the city of Talbise and Gharnatah area in the northern countryside.