The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

85 civilians killed by 4 massacres by the coalition warplanes in 5 days only

Continued crimes by the coalition warplanes against the Syrian of people, after 2 massacres, under the cover of fighting the IS and Jihadists in the targeted areas, despite the calls and demands by the SOHR against the coalition airstrikes, which led to the death of hundreds of Syrian citizens and wounded others.

SOHR documented 4 massacres committed by the coalition warplanes between 16 March and 20 March 2017, against the citizens of Aleppo and Raqqa and migrants in the mentioned areas, 85 persons were killed including 10 children and 9 women, 27 civilians were killed including 4 children and 8 women by the coalition airstrikes targeted Shabhar town in Raqqa western countryside, Tabaqa, Andalos farmlands, and other areas, in addition to 58 were killed in al-Jena town in southern al-Atarib in the western countryside of Aleppo, by the coalition airstrikes that targeted an Islamic center for Daawa and preaching, including 39 civilians between them 6 children and 18 women, 19 of the dead still unknown.

The coalition airstrikes wounded dozens of civilians and caused massive destruction in civilian properties, the dead included migrants from the eastern countryside of Aleppo into Raqqq, escaping from the massive Russian and Syrian airstrikes amid continued military operations in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.