The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

4,000 USD a reward for IS militants, for killing an American soldier in the battle of Raqqa

Raqqa province: SOHR was informed by reliable sources that SDF backed by the coalition airstrikes were able to advance and take control on al-Karama town in the eastern countryside of Raqqa 17km from the Raqqa city which is under siege by SDF from all its sides after advances for SDF in al-Furat dam in Tabaqa countryside and cutting the road between DerEzzor and Raqqa from the northern side of al-Furat.

These advances come after the operation of Madness of al-Furat which targeted to Isolate Raqqa city from its countryside, SOHR received information that the American forces are preparing cannons and artillery  in order to begin the large battle of al-Raqqa after calling for backups into the area and brining weapons and dozens of American special forces in order to fight against IS, SOHR observed in the past few days hundreds of vehicles coming from Kurdistan into Raqqa

These preparations pushed IS to put a reward 20 golden Dinar, about 4000 USD, for any group that kill an American soldier or a foreigner in SDF.

The IS keep preventing civilians from leaving the city of al-Raqqa, amid raising the number of civilians in the city, amid accuses by civilians against IS in using them as human shields against the SDF and American forces.