The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

80 families left al-Raqqa city after 2 weeks of leaving the area by 300 families

SOHR received information that a group of families of IS militants and commanders already left al-Raqqa city, at least 80 families have left in the past 24 hours, the sources confirmed that they are the families of IS non Syrian militants and commanders, used al-Furat river to cross by boats into the southern sides then headed into the southern countryside.

This exit comes after violent clashes and advances for SDF on many fronts of the eastern countryside , after 2 weeks of the first exit of 300 families into IS controlled areas , dozens of families reached al-Miadin city coming from al-Raqqa, amid difficult humanitarian situation between civilians due to the lack of food and medicine amid raise in the prices of the materials and .supplies leading to dessatisfation between civilians