The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 20 vehicles enter the city of Kobani




Reliable sources reported to SOHR that 20 vehicles loaded fighters from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces with their weapons have entered the city of Kobani from Sh’ir Hill in the western countryside of the city. The sources informed SOHR that they are going to be deployed on the city fronts immediately.


SOHR knew that some rebel fighters who entered the city of Kobani day before yesterday left the city towards the Turkish territories due to disputes with rebel factions that previously exist in the city.


The number of YPG fighters who died yesterday in clashes with IS militants has risen to 22, while 19 militants died in the same clashes.


The municipality area and the roundabout of Azadi had witnessed an advancement for YPG fighters after violent clashes with IS, while they carried out a successful military operation where they stormed by an armored vehicle an IS-held area in al- Hal Mareket leading to kill some IS militants.


U.S. and allied coalition carried out 4 strikes on IS positions in the Municipality Roundabout, the neighborhood of Kani Erban and near al- Hal Market, information reported casualties and destroying a tank.