The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 120 airstrikes target the countryside of Hama in the past 24 hours


Hama Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Helicopters dropped barrel bombs after midnight yesterday on areas in the towns of Tayyibat al-Imam and Soran, while the towns of Tayyibat al-Imam and Soran are witnessing since this morning heavy shelling by the regime forces using rocket and artillery shells, in conjunction with the dropping 4 barrel bombs by helicopters on areas in both towns, where the regime forces are trying by the intense shelling to prepare for a possible attack on one or both of the towns, in an attempt to regain control of them, also it rose to more than 120, the number of strikes carried out by helicopter and warplanes yesterday on areas in the towns of Soran, Morek, Kafr Zita, Halfaya, Al-Lataminah, Tayyibat al-Imam, Lahaya, al-Masasneh, al-Bwayda and Hasraya, and al-Zowwar village and Tal Bzam area in the northern countryside of Hama, and the strikes have caused considerable material damage in the area which is almost without civilians because of the constant clashes in the area.