The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Nearly 2000 detainees killed inside the regime’s detention facilities

شهداء  تحت  التعذيب



More than 2000 prisoners have died inside the regime’s cellars since the beginning of this year.


The number of the arrested persons who SOHR could document their death inside the regime’s cellars and intelligence branches reached to 1917 since the beginning of this year until October 31, where the Syrian authorities turned over some of corpses to their families while they told others that their sons died inside the detention facilities instucting them to collect death certificates for them. In addition to, they forces some families of those who died inside the cellars to sign on declarations that the opposition groups killed their sons.


Among the people who were killed inside the regime’s cellars, barracks and intelligence branches, there are 27 children under the age of 18 and 11 woman. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has received information that there are a lot of people who tortured to death inside the regime’s cellars but their families are reticent about not mentioning the death of their sons because they are afraid of prosecution and arrest.


The death toll of detainees distributes as follows:

  • 411 detainees from Rif Dimashq.
  • 299 from Homs.
  • 271 from Daraa.
  • 243 from Damascus.
  • 179 from Hama.
  • 175 from Idlib.
  • 141 from Deir Ezzor.
  • 120 from Aleppo.
  • 24 from al- Qunaytera.
  • 16 from Lattakia.
  • 11 from al- Raqqa.
  • 11 from Tartous.
  • 9 from al- Hasakah.
  • 7 from al- Swaydaa.





In addition to, the bloodiest month inside the regime’s jails had been June where the death toll of detainees distributes according to months as follows:


  • 212 detainees killed in January.
  • 199 in February.
  • 201 in March.
  • 193 in April.
  • 260 in May.
  • 284 in June.
  • 127 in July.
  • 189 in August.
  • 112 in September.
  • 140 in October.





We in SOHR express our concerns about the lives of dozens of thousands of missing detainees inside the regime’s jails, barracks and intelligence branches and about the destiny of 200000 prisoners, where we received information from persons released after they pay money to get out from the jails, as well as we received leaked information from inside the regime’s apparatus that there are thousands of cases of execution committed by the officers and jailors.



In addition to, SOHR has repeatedly demanded from the international bodies to work in order to release all the detainees inside the regime’s jails. We also demand from these bodies specially UN Security Council to work seriously on transmitting the file of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people to international competent courts. Although these courts are not going to re-give lives to those who died but they give hope for the Syrians that there is justice even though it has not been dispensed yet because the international community has failed the Syrian people.