The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Missiles of warplanes and regimes forces destroy a hospital near Khan Shaykhun, at least 10 persons were missing, killed and injured and most of them are members of the hospital staff

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received from several reliable sources the details about targeting al-Abedin hospital at the east of Abedin area which is located in the southern countryside of Idlib about 8 km to the northwest of Khan Shaykhun city, and the sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that shelling started with a missile believed to be a concussion missile which targeted the hospital, the hospital is dug in a cave in Abedin area and the missile broke through it and caused destruction to it and its external rooms around the hospital, followed by another missile launched by regime forces and also targeted the hospital area; a small bombs spread from the missile in the vicinity of the bombed place and caused the fire to break out and also killed a young man near the bombed place, the sources confirmed that he was working in his land near the targeted place, and du to the missile of the warplane which targeted the dug-in-a-cave hospital; 9 persons have gone missing and injured the hospital staff, 5 of them were pulled 5 injured, while the rescue teams are still looking for the missing 4, and no information yet if there are any other persons missing of the patients who were in that hospital in the time of bombing, which put the hospital out of service.