The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After weeks of reopening the road of al-Hasaka–Aleppo–Damascus, travel buses start departing again from areas out of the “Islamic State” organization’s control after 4 years close

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by reliable sources that it is expected for the local travel agencies to start running buses between al-Hasaka and Damascus and several other Syrian areas after stopping for about 4 years.

The sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the buses will start in a limited numbers at first then they will increase the number of buses, and the buses will take the road from al-Hasaka to the northern countryside of al-Raqqa through Manbij and the eastern countryside of Aleppo to Aleppo city then they will take Khanaser – Athrayya road to the capital Damascus, and from there they go to the southern provinces of Syria or to Lebanon, and the sources also said that reopening this road for travel is a really good thing for the citizens of al-Hasaka and people who live in al-Hasakah province, who in the last years they have been using planes in al-Qameshly airport as a way of transportation because they were afraid to move through the “Islamic State” organization’s controlled areas in the previous years, and the sources also confirmed that there cargo are being transported on this road which may lower the prices in the province after the crazy rise of prices it witnessed.