The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 2800 persons including 938 children, citizen women and men were killed in April 2017

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of 2786 persons during the month of April 2017, they were distributed as following:

Civilian casualties: 938 including 291 children under the age of eighteen, and 151 citizen women over the age of eighteen, and they were killed as follows:

  • 543 including 140 children and 83 citizen women were killed in raids by Syrian and Russian warplanes and by regime’s helicopters on several areas of Syria.
  • 52 including 18 children and 9 citizen women were killed in shelling by the regime forces using rocket and artillery shells, missiles believed to be ground-to-ground, targeting and sniper bullets.
  • 4 citizens were killed under torture in Syrian security prisons.
  • 25 including a child and 8 citizen women and 10 children were killed in targeting and the fall of mortar shells launched by the rebel and Islamic factions.
  • A girl child was killed in earlier bombing by Turkish warplanes.
  • 3 were killed by the fire of the Turkish border guards.
  • 52 including 2 women were executed by the “Islamic State” organization.
  • 17 including 7 children and 2 citizen women were killed in the fall of shells launched by the “Islamic State” organization and by the fire of its machineguns.
  • 2 citizens were killed by Islamic factions.
  • 108 including 24 children and 21 citizen women were killed in airstrikes by the warplanes of the international coalition.
  • 128 including 68 children and 15 citizen women were killed in the detonating of cars and booby trapped vehicles. 
  • 9 including 2 children were killed by Syria Democratic Forces. 
  • 62 including 17 children and 6 citizen women were killed in landmines explosions.
  • 22 including 4 children and 5 citizen women were killed in unknown circumstances.


Syrian fighters of the rebel and Islamic Factions and the Syria Democratic Forces and other movements and organizations: 449

The regime forces: 215

Members of popular the committees, NDF and gunmen loyal to the regime of Syrian nationality: 308

Fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah: 5

Fighters loyal to the regime of non-Syrian nationalities, most of them are of the Shiite sect: 23

Unidentified: 15

Fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions, the “Islamic State” organization, Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda organization in the Levant), Jaysh al-Mohajereen Wa al-Ansar and the Islamic Turkestan Party of non-Syrian nationalities: 833