U.S. hosts ambassador meeting to discuss ISIL threat • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

U.S. hosts ambassador meeting to discuss ISIL threat

The State Department said in a statement this plenary session was “an opportunity for coalition partners to reaffirm our share efforts in the coalition, discuss ways in which we can integrate our contributions to coalition efforts and review ways to accelerate or increase our joint operations”.

The statement added that the closed-door meeting, witnessed attendance of Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL John Allen and other senior US officials briefing on progress across the coalition’s five lines of effort to counter ISIL.

Those five lines are to support regional military partners, stopping the flow of foreign fighters, cutting off ISIL’s access to financing, addressing urgent humanitarian needs and contesting ISIL’s messaging.

“Today’s plenary session with partner ambassadors illustrates how strongly the global community is united in degrading and defeating ISIL and our shared commitment to continued coordination of our efforts” the statement ended.

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