The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

66 persons were killed yesterday including 9 members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them and the death of 23 fighters was documented by the Syrian Observatory due to the bloody fighting in the Eastern Ghouta


In Hama province 5 persons were killed including 4 fighters of the factions who died affected by injuries they had in shelling and clashes against the regime forces in the northern countryside of Hama, also a man died affected by injury he had in bombing by the warplanes on areas in the southern countryside of Idlib.

In Daraa province 4 fighters of the factions  were killed including a commander who was assassinated on Om al-Mayathen road, while other fighter was killed by  sniper’s bullets while the 2 other ones were killed due to detonating of an explosive device on Baraqah road.

In al-Raqqa province 3 citizens were killed they are  a citizen woman was killed due to mine explosion near Teshrien farm in the countryside of al-Raqqa, and 2 persons were killed  in the countryside of al-Raqqa by gunfire by the Turkish border guards while they were trying to cross into the Turkish side.

In Damascus province 2 persons were killed one of them is a media activist was killed  due to shelling on al-Qaboun neighborhood, while the other one  is a man was killed by sniper’s bullets in the eastern outskirts of Damascus.

In Deir Ezzor province a child died affected by injury he had in shelling by the “Islamic State” organization on areas in al-Qusour neighborhood which is controlled by the regime forces.

In al-Hasaka province a child aged 13 was killed by gunshot by the Syria Democratic Forces during their breaking into al-Haddadiyah village in the countryside of al-Shadade city.

Also the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that a boy aged 16 was slaughtered by a sharp tool in al- Mehemiedah village in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor  on charges of ” dealing with the Syria Democratic Forces ” and the boy who originally from al-Kobar village in the same countryside was executed while tens of men and children were watching.

And Rose to 156 at least the number of fighters who  were killed in the bloody fighting in the Eastern Ghouta including 67 fighters of Jaysh al-Islam, and within the total number of the casualties of the fighters there are 5 commanders  they are the commander of the Military Service Body in Jaysh al-Islam, a commander in the first row of Rahman Corps, the commander of the al-Marj operations room and the 3rd Brigade of Jaysh al-Islam, the commander of the security detachment at Rahman Corps and the “security Amir” in Hayyaat Tahrir al- Sham in Arbin city.

While 3 persons were killed due to detonating a booby trapped car in al-Rokban camp which is located in the far Syrian desert on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

And 5 fighters of the rebel and Islamic factions were killed and they are unidentified until this moment due to bombing by warplane and helicopters on areas of their presence, ambushes, clashes against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, targeting their vehicles and shelling in several areas.

And at least 6 members of NDF and the gunmen loyal to the regime of Syrian nationality were killed in clashes, targeting their checkpoints, detonating explosive devices in their vehicles in several cities, towns and villages of Syria.

And at least 3 members of the regime forces were killed in clashes against the “Islamic State” organization and Fateh al-Sham Front and the rebel and Islamic factions, and targeting centers and checkpoints and heavy vehicles with rocket shells and improvised explosive devices.

Also at least 9 fighters of the “Islamic State” organization and the Islamic factions of non-Syrian nationalities are killed in clashes and shelling by warplanes and helicopters and bombing on areas of their presence.