The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After agreeing to withdraw… Foreigner fighters of the “Islamic State” organization refuse to comply and start a guerrilla war in al-Tabaqa city’s neighborhoods

Several reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that parts of the adjacent neighborhoods to the Euphrates dam and its extension in al-Tabaqa city are still witnessing clashes between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the US Special Forces and the International Coalition’s warplanes against members of the “Islamic State” Organization, in an attempt by the Syria Democratic Forces to complete inspecting the city and enter into all neighborhoods of al-Tabaqa.

The Syria Democratic Forces, backed by the US Special Forces have taken control of al-Tabaqa city, but they have not been able yet to enter the Euphrates dam and the 1st neighborhood, while they are cautiously present in the 2nd neighborhood, but the clashes are concentrated more in the 1st neighborhood due to the attacks and guerrilla war carried out by members of the organization on positions and locations of the Syrian Democratic Forces, also the main body of the strategic Euphrates Dam is still under the control of the members of the organization who refused to get out of it.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the clashes broke out again after the agreeing with the Syria Democratic Forces via dignitaries and notables in al-Tabaqa on the withdrawal of members of the “Islamic State” organization from al-Tabaqa to Al-Raqqah city, the sources confirmed to the Observatory that a part of Syrian nationality members withdrew from the city, while those who remained in the neighborhoods of the section known as “al-Thawra city” refused to withdraw and the vast majority of them are of non-Syrian nationalities, the sources suggested that the members decided not to exit and also decided to fight until the end, amid continued attempts to reach a new agreement with them to secure their withdrawal from the city.