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Abo Baker al- Baghdadi allowes for the people of al- Shaitaat tribe to come back home




SOHR had received a footage, confirmed by sources from al- Sheitat tribe, showing a commander from IS talking to the elders and notables of al- Shaitaat tribe in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, where he informed them that Islamic State allowed for the people of al- Shaitaat to come back home by an order of Amir al- Mumenin ( leader of believers) Abo Baker al- Baghdadi. The commander addressed them by saying “we promise you to be safe as long as you are honest with Islamic State and the decision of returning people of al- Shaitaat tribe to their homes comes by instruction on Amir al- Mumenin Abo Baker al- Baghdadi, where he has empowered us to settle this matter. We have been late just because of administrative matters with our military brothers in this area so there is no collision among yourselves.”


This permission has come after meetings held between commanders in IS and the elders and notables of al- Shaitaat tribe, according to what reliable sources reported to SOHR, where the meeting ended by imposing some conditions on the people of al- Shaitaat.

  • It is not allowed for the displaced to assemble.
  • It is prohibited to possess or carry weapons for any reason.
  • To hand over all weapons.
  • To confess that all those who fight Islamic State are apostate.
  • To tell us everything about the apostates like weapons caches and plots against Islamic State.
  • Curfew is imposed on the villages, which declared their repentance, from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m..
  • He is going to be killed everyone proved to be traitor and fight Islamic State.

The reliable sources informed SOHR that IS has established a committee to document the names of adult males of al- Shaitaat’s people who are from the town of Granij in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, that every penitent given a paper emblazoned on it “ to the sons of State of Islamic Caliphate, we inform you that the owner of this house is from al- Shaitaat Muslim tribe and he is allowed to return to his house by the order of Amir al- Mumenin.”


It is worth mentioning that SOHR published in the last August that Islamic State executed more than 700 people, the majority of them are civilians, in the Badeyat al- Shaitaat and the towns of Ghranij, Abo Hamam and Al Keshkeyyi while the destiny of other hundreds from the people of the tribe of al-Shaitaat are still unknown so far.


The Islamic State was considered that the judge of al- Shaitaat tribe according to Sharia is “ an infidel party and it must be fought as if fighting Kuffar ( Non- believers) in the consensus of the Sharia scholars even though it approved on and does not deny the rules of Sharia. A covenant and truce must not be held with them, not to grant them safety, not to release the detainees even though money paid , not to marry their women and not to eat from their food. It is allowed to kill the detainees, injuries and to follow those who flee from the clashes. We have to fight them even though they do not start fighting us.”


It is worth mentioning that hundreds of the people were killed after arrest, some of them were beheaded and some had been pursued and executed in the villages and towns that they escaped to in the countryside of Deir Ezzor. The SOHR could document dozens of names.



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