The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Massacre in al-Sour town raises to about 60 including 28 children and women, the number of casualties of the International Coalition’s bombing

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that 7 citizens were killed including 4 children under the age of 18 due to bombing by warplanes believed to belong to the International Coalition which targeted areas in al-Sour town which is located in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and these strikes also injured other citizens, and the death toll is expected to increase because there are injuries in critical situation.

And this massacre raised the death toll which has been documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights since the 1st of May 2017 to the 10th of May 2017 to about 59 persons at least including 19 children under the age of 18 and 9 citizen women over the age of 18 who were killed due to strikes by the International Coalition’ warplanes on al-Tabaqa city, the northern countryside of al-Raqqa, al-Sour town, the southern countryside of al-Hasaka, and the road between al-Raqqa and Hama and also on other areas, and the bombing also caused material damage to the property of the citizens injured tens of others.