The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After weeks of cutting it off… the water returns to al-Tabaqa city, and the inspection process continues in the city, the “Islamic State” organization starts counter attacks on areas in its countryside


Al-Raqqa province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the water started to return gradually to al-Tabaqa city after about 6 weeks of cutting it off because of damages to the Euphrates dam, in conjunctions with continuous inspecting by the Syria Democratic Forces in the city and the Euphrates dam to make sure that they are unoccupied by  the members of the ” ISIS” organization, while the ” ISIS” organization has started a counter attack since the  dawn of today on positions and centers  of the SDF in Ayed Kabir and al-Mesherfah areas in the southern and the western countryside of al-Tabaqa, in attempts to advance and disperse the forces of ” Euphrates Wrath ” operation and also cause casualties in the ranks of them, after the ” ISIS ” organization had lost the last areas in al-Tabaqa city and also had lost the Euphrated strategic dam.