The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More casualties raise to 23 at least including displaced people the death toll of the International Coalition’ massacre in al-Bokamal city

The number of casualties in al-Bokamal city is still increasing because many injuries died and the operations of clearing the debris and pulling the bodies and injuries among the debris continue, where it rose to 23 at least including 8 children and women the number of casualties who were killed and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the death of them due to the massacre which was carried out by warplanes believed to belong to the International Coalition after the midnight of Sunday-Monday the 15th of May 2017.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that among the total number of human losses there are 15 casualties of Iraqi displaced people who fled to al-Bokamal border city, which is located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and also of Syrian displaced people who fled from Syrian areas to al-Bokamal area, and the number of casualties is expected to increase because there are tens of injuries some of them in critical situation, and also others gone missing among the debris which caused by the warplanes’ strikes on al-Hajjanah area, and the vicinity of both al-Rahman and al-Iman mosques, and other places in the city, and the sources confirmed that the death toll increased because the strikes targeted areas which are inhabited by civilian citizens, which also include houses belong to citizens of the city which had been seized by the ” ISIS ” organization earlier.