The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

While the last batch of displaced people is preparing to get out of al-Wa’er neighborhood… the Russian Military Police begin to spread gradually across the neighborhood in order to complete carrying out the items of the agreement

Reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the Russian Military Police entered large parts of al-Wa’er neighborhood in Homs city and began to spread across the streets and buildings in 2 areas in the neighborhood, and the entry of the Russian Military Police came in conjunction with preparing the last common batch of displaced people to exit tomorrow on Saturday the 20th of May 2017, its expected for the buses to enter during the coming 24 hours to move the last batch of displaced people to the vicinity of the neighborhood where the buses gather then to transfer them to Jarablus and Idlib in common batch heads towards the 2 areas simultaneously, it’s expected for getting out of displaced people to have finish tomorrow and ” settling conditions ” of the rest people willing to stay in the neighborhood will be completed, and the regime forces won’t be allowed to enter the neighborhood, while the regime government’ personnel will return to work in the neighborhood again within the agreement which had been reached to before more than 2 months.