The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes continues in the northern and western countryside of city Al-Raqqah and casualties and injuries in aerial bombardment on a village in the countryside

Al-Raqqah Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 4 citizens were killed and several others the wounded in bombing by warplanes believed to belong to the International Coalition after midnight of yesterday on places in al-Dar’eiyah west of Al-Raqqah city, the main stronghold for the “Islamic State” organization in Syria, also the International Coalition’s warplanes opened heavy machineguns’ fire after midnight of yesterday on places in al-Sabahi area west of Al-Raqqah city which caused material damage, while the violent clashes continued after midnight of yesterday between Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State” organization in the vicinity of al-Asadiyyeh village in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah  and in Kdiaran town, and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties, amid the flight of warplanes of the International Coalition over the clash areas.