The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Await for the exit of the last batch of displaced people from Barza neighborhood at the outskirts of Damascus to the north of Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from several cross sources that it is expected in the morning of today Monday the 29th of May 2017 for the fourth batch to exit from Barza neighborhood in the eastern outskirts of Damascus, where the sources asserted to the Observatory that this will be the last batch, and it will displace all those refusing “the settlement and reconciliation with the regime” to the north of Syria, where the main batch will head towards Idlib, while information was received that those wishing to get out from Barza neighborhood would be moved to Jarabulus within the same batch.
As this batch goes out from Barza neighborhood, the regime forces would complete their control over the three Damascene neighborhoods: Barza, al-Qaboun and Teshreen, after several batches of fighters, their families and the civilians who refused “the settlement with the regime” moved to the Syrian north.