The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Elite forces and the Syria Democratic Forces with the support of the international Coalition reach the outskirts of Division 17th and a few kilometers separate them from the stronghold of the “Islamic State” organization in Syria

Al-Raqqah Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from several reliable sources that the Syria Democratic Forces and the Syrian Elite Forces supported by the US Special Forces and warplanes of the International Coalition, were able to achieve an important advancement on the northern outskirts of Al-Raqqah city, after violent clashes against the “Islamic State” organization over the past 48 hours, and reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation Forces have managed to control al-Asdiyah Farm and the nearby Gas Plant adjacent to the Division 17, and have become about 3 kilometers away of the outskirts of Al-Raqqah city, this advancement came after shelling and clashes between both parties and after an attack by the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation forces, and as a result of targeting that caused confirmed casualties in their ranks, while the inspections are under way for the controlled area, amid continued clashes in its vicinity as a result of attempts to regain control of the area by the organization.

Video by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights show the inspection of areas where the Syrian Elite Forces had advanced to in the northern outskirts of Al-Raqqah City, who are supported by the International Coalition within the “Euphrates Wrath” operations