The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Escalation of shelling continues on Daraa city and around 25 missiles and airstrikes by the regime forces result in more casualties in Al-Suwaidaa countryside

Daraa Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: at least 24 missiles believed to be ground-to-ground have been launched by the regime forces since midnight yesterday till now on areas in Daraa Al-Balad in Daraa city, resulting in material damages, while, the regime forces shelled this morning areas in Tafas town in the western countryside of Daraa. No casualties were reported.

Al-Suwaidaa Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: warplanes shelled places in Al-Numoor area, located northeast of Al-Asfar village in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, after midnight yesterday, which led to the death of a female citizen and the injury of others.