The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After continuous escalation for several days… Violent clashes in Jobar neighbourhood with intense aerial and ground shelling and missiles target the capital

Violent clashes are taking place since midnight of yesterday until now between the Islamic factions, against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in several areas in Jobar neighbourhood at the outskirts of the capital, in a renewed attempt by the regime forces to advance in the neighbourhood, amid the fall of tens of shells launched by the regime forces on areas in the neighbourhood, and carrying out at least 12 raid by warplanes on Jobar neighborhood, accompanied by the fall of several shells this morning on areas in al-Dokhaniyah, Dwila, Zablatani and Kafr Sousa near the mechanical Engineering College in the capital, and the fall of several explosive bullets on areas in the cemetery of Sheikh Reslan in Zablatani and Bab Tuma neighborhood.

This escalation on the neighbourhood of Jobar with the violent clashes, is accompanied by an escalation on in the Eastern Ghouta and its outskirts, where the regime forces shelled areas at the outskirts of Ain Tarma town, amid launching 5 missiles believed to be ground-to-ground on the town adjacent to Jobar neighbourhood, amid carrying out 2 raids by warplanes on areas in Hazza town, and violent clashes between the regime forces against the factions in the vicinity of Ain Tarma.