The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

the “Islamic State” organization continues its fierce fight on the fronts of Al-Raqqah and excludes the option of withdrawing from its main stronghold in Syria

The explosions continue to shake Al-Raqqah city and its outskirts, as a result of the renewed bombing by the International Coalition warplanes on areas in the city and its outskirts, and bombing by the forces of the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation on the same areas, which killed today at least 5 civilians and injured others, as a result of targeting the southern outskirts of the city, which is the stronghold of the “Islamic State” organization, while violent clashes continue between the Syria Democratic Forces supported by US Special Forces against members of the “Islamic State” organization in al-Bareed neighborhood from the side of al-Romaniya neighborhood, and in Hutteen neighborhood from al-Romaniya side in the western section of Al-Raqqah city, while clashes continue between the Syrian Elite Forces and the Syria Democratic Forces against the “Islamic State” organization in areas in al-Batani neighborhood where the “Euphrates Wrath” Forces had gone deep in the neighborhood and controlled large parts of it in the eastern part of the city, and in the southern banks of the Euphrates River in the southern countryside of Al-Raqqah, also clashes continue at varying levels of violence between the forces of Manbij Military Council and the Syria Democratic Forces against members of the “Islamic State” organization, in an attempt by the first mentioned to advance more following their advance with an intensive bombing by the International Coalition and their control of al-Kasrat area until reaching the east of Kasrat al-Faraj area, and their advancement in the area between the old and new bridges of Al-Raqqah, which were both targeted and destroyed by warplanes of International Coalition on the 3rd of February 2017.

The reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that although there are only hundreds of meters at the southern banks of the Euphrates to be used as a road by the “Islamic State” organization to withdraw from Al-Raqqah city, but it still shows fierce resistance within the city, and fights desperately to repel the offensive of the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation Forces, also the sources confirmed that the organization has not yet shown the option to withdraw from the city, suggesting its staying in the city and fight till the end within its main stronghold in Syria.