The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The International Coalition warplanes perpetrate a new mass massacre in Al-Mayadeen city and kill 42 prisoners of ISIS

The SOHR learned that warplanes, believed to be affiliated with the International Coalition, perpetrated a new mass massacre at dawn yesterday, the 26th of June, killing prisoners detained in one of ISIS prisons in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. where the SOHR learned that warplanes, that are most likely affiliated with the International Coalition, targeted at dawn yesterday the house of Abu Abdallah Al-Naimi, a former commander in Al-Nusra Front “Al-Qaeda organization in the Levant” who has been executed by ISIS and whose house has been seized and turned into one of the prisons affiliated with ISIS Security Apparatus. The prison was divided into two main parts, one for holding civilians and the other for prisoners that belong to ISIS.

The SOHR also learned that the airstrikes that targeted the prison caused the death of 42 civilian prisoners at least. The SOHR observed that ISIS has spread the bodies over a public road near Al-Mayadeen bridge. In addition, 15 members of ISIS, including the prison security guards and some of the prisoners that belong to the Organization itself, were killed in the bombing. However, the number of casualties is still likely to rise because some people are still missing beneath the rubble caused by the bombing and since some of the injured are still in a critical condition. The SOHR learned that the facility contained 100 prisoners of both civilians and ISIS members.   

The SOHR also observed airstrikes, most likely carried out by the International Coalition warplanes, that targeted one of the headquarters of Suqur Al-Sahara Brigade affiliated with ISIS at 2 am today, causing the death of a woman who resided in a house in the vicinity of their headquarter in Al-Mayadein city in the eastern countryside of Deir El-Zour. The airstrikes did not cause any casualties among ISIS members because they had evacuated the place after targeting the prison and perpetrating the massacre there. The SOHR activists also observed that the same warplanes targeted another ISIS location near Al-Rahba Citadel where vehicles get repaired, destroying trucks, engineering vehicles, cars and other vehicles that were parked in the area shelled. These airstrikes coincided with a shelling that targeted Al-Omar Oil Field in the eastern countryside of Deir El-Zour.