The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Casualties of Damascus bombings this morning rise to 21

Damascus Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the number of casualties resulting from the bombings that hit Damascus early this morning continues to rise. The number of martyrs and dead that has been documented by the SOHR so far as a result of the three bombings at the entrance of Damascus, from the side of Damascus International Airport, and in Al-Ghadir Square in Al-‘Amara neighborhood downtown Damascus, rose to 21, including the three who were driving the booby-trapped cars in addition to 7 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen. It is still unknown whether the other fatalities were all among civilians. However, the death toll is still likely to rise because of the critical condition of some of the injured. The 3 bombings also caused destruction and material damages to properties and vehicles, near the locations where they occurred.