المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Euphrates Wrath” operation Forces regain full control over Al-Sinaa neighborhood in Al-Raqqah and enter the old city through Bab Baghdad

The stronghold of ISIS has been witnessing violent battles since the dawn of today, the 4th of July 2017, between the Syria Democratic Forces and the Syrian Elite Forces backed by the US Special Forces on one hand and ISIS on the other in areas in the city and its eastern part. The SOHR learned that the “Euphrates Wrath” operation forces managed to regain control over Al-Sinaa neighborhood, the control over which was seized by ISIS on the 30th of June by means of a counter attack. Reliable sources confirmed to the SOHR that the Syrian Elite Forces launched a violent attack from their position in the southern sector of Al-Sinaa neighborhood and managed to make a huge advance and enter the walls of the old city after crossing Bab Baghdad, which the “Euphrates Wrath” operation Forces failed to cross previously because of the fortifications set by ISIS in the area in addition to the landmines planted and the widely-spread snipers.

SOHR published hours ago that the Syria democratic forces supported by the US Special Forces, were able to break the first defense lines of “Islamic State” organization at the walls of the Old City dawn of today, where violent clashes are taking place since dawn of today against members of the “Islamic State” organization within the Old City walls, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: 3 groups of the Syria Democratic Forces is supported by US Special Forces and International Coalition warplanes, advanced from 3 areas east of the wall of the Old City dawn of today, and the organization’s defenses were penetrated by air cover of International Coalition warplanes, and this is considered the most important advancement for the “Euphrates Wrath” Operation Forces since the start of the grand battle of Al-Raqqah, where the forces were able for the first time to break into the walls of the Old City in Al-Raqqah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published that violent clashes are taking place between the Syria Democratic Forces and the US Special Forces against the “Islamic State” organization, south of Al-Raqqah city at the southern banks of the Euphrates River, where the Syria Democratic Forces were able to achieve advancement and control Ratla village, while the clashes -which were accompanied by heavy bombing on the village and airstrikes by the International Coalition warplanes- have killed 16 of members at least of the ” Islamic State “organization, raising to 33 at least, the number of members who have been documented since yesterday in the bombing and clashes in Al-Raqqah city and south of it.



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