The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violent missile strikes target the capital Damascus and its Eastern Ghouta with regime’s continued offensive

The regime forces and militiamen loyal to them continue attacking positions of Rahman Corps at the outskirts Ein Tarma town in the Eastern Ghouta and the vicinity of Jobar neighborhood at the outskirts of the capital, where clashes took place between both parties accompanied by the fall of 15 missiles at least believed to be ground-to-ground, they were launched by the regime forces on the clash areas, amid several raids carried out by warplanes on the clash areas, after attempts by the regime forces to achieve a new advancement in the area and reduce the size of areas controlled by the factions, in the frame of their operation to regain control of Jobar neighbourhood, by attempting to advance from within the neighbourhood and also advancing in parallel to the Motahalleq AlJanobi between the capital of Damascus and its Eastern Ghouta, using the cover of the continuous shelling by the regime forces and warplanes, and if the regime forces were able to regain control of Jobar neighbourhood, they would have ended the presence of the factions east of the capital Damascus.

Yesterday, the warplanes carried out at least 13 raids on the clash areas, also the regime forces managed to advance in the area of Ein Tarma in the western outskirts of the Eastern Ghouta, where the regime forces controlled a block of about 10 houses near Ein Tarma from the side of the southern , where clashes continue at a violent pace between them in an attempt by al-Rahman Corps to regain control over the area, and the clashes are accompanied by heavy shelling by the regime forces and an exchange of targeting between both sides, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has also published that the regime forces managed to control a driving school near Ein Tarma village, amid several attempts by the regime forces to advance more in the area, while the factions are seeking to control the area, where the clashes in Ein Tarma Valley and in the vicinity of Ein Tarma town come in conjunction with clashes in Jobar neighborhood, where the regime forces are trying to end the presence of the factions in Jobar neighborhood, by turning around the west of Jobar neighborhood and forcing the factions to withdraw from the neighborhood, through advancing from Ein Tarma Valley, the regime forces are seeking to tighten the siege on the Eastern Ghouta, which has been besieged since 2013.