The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rocket targets a neighborhood in Homs leaves injuries and violent clashes in the eastern countryside of Homs result in regime’ advancement

Homs Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: a number of injuries were caused by the regime forces’ shelling of places in Al-Hula area in the northern countryside of Homs after midnight. Simultaneously, the Islamic factions targeted with a Grad rocket an area in Al-Arman neighborhood in Homs city, causing the injury of 3 civilians including a female citizen. Meanwhile, the regime forces shelled places in Tear Ma’alah, and Al-Ghantu towns and Al-Mkramyah village in the northern countryside of Homs, causing material damages and a number of injuries. Violent clashes also continue between the regime forces and their allied militiamen on one hand and ISIS on the other in Jbab Hamad in the eastern countryside of Homs, amid a new advancement of the regime forces into Jbab Hamad area.