The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After capturing and enslaving Yazidi women, IS enslaves Syrian Sunni women



SOHR activists could document 6 cases at least of Sabi (capturing women as a slave specially in war) Syrian Sunni women in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. They were taken as slaves from the military housing of the Division 17 in the province of al- Raqqa when IS militants seized the Division. Those women are wives of officers and NCOs in the regime army.


Local sources confirmed for SOHR activists that the relatives of these six women went to the province of al- Raqqa to meet leading figures in IS and trying to release them but the leaders of IS organization refused to release them saying that they are “apostates and agents for the regime forces”. They handed the children over to their families. SOHR could document these six cases within 80 other cases of Sabi Syrian women in different areas in the provinces of al- Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.


IS Organization arrested some women earlier on charge of being “Agents for the regime forces” or “belonging to the awakening Movements”. They informed the families of these women that they had executed them but IS has not handed the bodies over to the families.



In late august, SOHR had published that IS distributed 300 women from the Yezidis Sect to its fighters in Syria. The women were kidnapped in Iraq weeks ago on the base of being “ Sabaya from the loot of war with the infidels”. The SOHR documented some case where IS fighters were selling the female abductees to other fighters with a price of 1000$ for each woman. It is said that they become Muslims and they will get married from those fighters who paid money in order to get them.


In that time, SOHR documented 27 cases at least of selling and marrying those women by IS fighters in the northern countryside of Aleppo and in the two countryside of al Raqqa and al Hasaka.


The SOHR knew that some Arab and Kurd notables paid money by IS mediators in al Shaddadi area on pretext that they want to  marry the Yazidi abductees As part of circular process in order to liberate and return them to their families.