The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Group of the “Islamic State” organization attacks al-Karama area north of the Euphrates in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa result in human loses, kidnapped and captives

Al-Raqqa Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that a group of members of the “Islamic State” organization carried out an attack after sneaking into the northern banks of the Euphrates River. The group targeted al-Karama area in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqa, which is opposite to areas still under the control of the “Islamic State” organization on the southern banks of the Euphrates River, where the organization still controls a number of villages and Ma’dan city, which is the last city controlled by the organization in al-Raqqa province, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory, the group of members of the organization sneaked into al-Karama area, where there is a camp for the displaced people, and clashes took places between the members of the organization against members of the Syria Democratic Forces, which caused casualties among the displaced and in the ranks of the Syria Democratic Forces. Reliable sources also confirmed that there are kidnapped people and captives detained by the members of the organization, whether they are civilians or members of the Syria Democratic Forces is unknown.

It is worth mentioning that the Syria Democratic Forces controlled al-Karama town which is located about 17-18 km east of al-Raqqa city late March 2017 within “Euphrates Wrath” Operation which began on the 6th of November 2017, in which they managed to control big parts of al-Raqqa province until the SDF, backed by the US special Forces and the International Coalition’s warplanes, were able to control about half of the city of al-Raqqa, which is the stronghold of the “Islamic State” organization in Syria.