Violent clashes continue since 84 hours in Ein al-Arab"Kobane", 28 ISIS killed • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violent clashes continue since 84 hours in Ein al-Arab”Kobane”, 28 ISIS killed

Trusted sources reported to SOHR that clashes continue since 84 hours in EIn al-Arab”Kobane” between ISIS and YPG. Clashes also took place on the road between Aleppo and Kobane. Coalition warplanes went in air strikes targeted the IS in Souq al-hal area accompanied by clashes between ISIS and YPG in the area, the YPG advances west of al-Baladia area and north of the governmental square.
YPG fighters devastated a tank for the IS between Tahtik and Bozik villages southeast of the city. the clashes led to death of 28 fighters from the IS and 4 fighters from YPG since yesterday.

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